Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bears Push Sooners to O.T.

Norman, OK--Knowing the history of the Baylor-Oklahoma football series (21-0, Sooners have never lost to BU) you'd expect this game in Norman to be the usual creaming of the Bears. It was not to be. The Bears still have Robert Griffin at QB and they have John Salubi at RB. The tandem didn't start off too well (see below, option picked off by the Sooners).OU would go on to score 14 points in the first quarter while Baylor was held to zero.The second quarter saw Baylor turn the tables and score 14 quick points to start the quarter. OU answered with an TD run from Sooner QB Jordan Thomas. Baylor's Salubi scored for the second time in the quarter on a 8 yard pass from Griffin. OU would tack on a 48 yard field goal with 3 seconds left in the half to make the game 24-21 in favor of OU at the half.The third quarter saw a big slow down in the scoring as Baylor was the only team to score when they took an INT in for a TD but missed the extra point. At the end of three it was Baylor in front, 27-24.Quarter #4 was one big back and forth affair. The Sooners started it off followed by BU, then OU and then at the 0:31 mark, Baylor scored on a G. Martin TD run from 6 yards out. The Sooners had less then 30 seconds to tie this game or else the Bears would get their first win against the Sooners. Basically, a long pass down the left sideline to Ryan Broyles got the Sooners near the redzone and they were able to get the score on another pass to Broyles as time expired from 5 yards out. Tress Way converted the extra point and they were headed to overtime.In the first OT, Baylor took the ball and scored on the first play when S. Williams took the ball in from 25 yards out. The crowd went silent. OU got the ball back and kept the ball on the ground. RB Jonathan Miller scored from 8 yards out to tie the game and send in to double OT. In the 2nd OT, the Sooners scored on a 4 yard rush from FB Buck Buchanan. When Baylor got the ball they were unsuccessful on downs 1, 2 and 3. On fourth down they went for another pass to the back corner of the endzone but it was knocked down by the OU defender (see above) for the Oklahoma win!!

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