Monday, December 14, 2009


Norman, OK--Despite the dominance of Oklahoma over Oklahoma St. in this Bedlam match-up over the years, the current crop of Sooners know the Cowboys of today aren't the pushovers of their brothers past. Coming into today's matchup, the Cowboys were ranked #21 while the Sooners were ranked #8. Both sides told media before today that they knew today's game was going to be a close, tough game. They had no idea how close it'd be.O-State's Jeremy Smith started the game off with a 63 yard touchdown scamper at the 6:32 mark of the first quarter. OSU leads 7-0. Oklahoma then responds with 21 unanswered points to make their lead 21-7 at the 3:44 mark of the second quarter. OSU would go on to score a TD with 21 seconds left to make the score 21-14 at the half, Sooners lead.The third quarter saw OU score another touchdown and OSU score a FG. At the end of three it was OU 28, OSU 17.The Sooners would push in another TD at the 5:03 mark of the fourth quarter to put them up 35-17. The Sooners were just about to feel comfortable when the INT's started flying and the Pokes started scoring. The next thing the Sooners knew OSU had scored 19 unanswered points and had a one point lead, 36-35, with only 56 seconds left in the game. The Sooners were in shock.Redshirt Freshman QB Jordan Thomas (above) really needed to respond here. This would be a drive that could be the beginning of a great legacy at OU or it could be the beginning of the end for the young gunslinger. Today was his first start and it was in Bedlam in front of the home crowd.

Thomas calmly led the team down the field with sharp passes across the field to his trusty crew of receivers. The Sooners had a full compliment of timeouts and used them well. As the clock dwindled to under 10 seconds remaining, the Sooners ran one more run play to set them up in the middle of the field for a Tress Way field goal attempt.

Two seconds remained.

OSU calls a timeout to ice Way.

The team resets and approaches the line.

Way hears the chants from the OSU crowd saying "Miss that kick! Miss that kick!"

Palms were sweaty.

His heart was racing.

Landry Jones, now the holder, called for the ball.

The snap was straight and low.

The hold was good, laces out.

Way kicks...




GOOD!!!!Sooners win! The Soooooooners win!!

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