Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Era Begins...

Coaching changes are a natural part of the college football cycle. Every season and off-season it happens. Rarely does a change go smoothly. Feathers are ruffled. Controversy fills the newspapers and airwaves as local papers and sports jockeys chatter year-round about who's getting fired, who got fired and who should be fired. In the case of the Oklahoma Sooners and in some respect, the Crimson Tide of Alabama, that was not the case.

The now former head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, Bruce80 has left Sooner Nation in order to take on a job that's been at the top of his list of dream jobs since the day he started coaching. When Nick Saban left the Tide early in this season to start a lawn mowing company in Tuscaloosa, Bruce80 jumped at the chance to head up the Alabama program. When he left that opened up the Oklahoma job. The Sooner caretakers wanted an "OU Man". Someone who would view the OU job as his Dream Job. In new head coach JHeb, they have their man. JHeb is an Oklahoman through and through. Born in Hobart, raised in Duncan, educated in Weatherford and now living in Edmond, JHeb is just what they needed. A man who'll have to be fired before he'd leave OU and one heck of a coach. He's still rather young but his experience and determination will surely get him far with this Sooner team and with the Sooner Nation.

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