Monday, August 10, 2009

Week #5: #6 Oklahoma (2-1) @ #21 Miami (2-1)

Going into the game with Miami, the Oklahoma Sooners knew they had a monkey on their back. No, the current Sooners have never lost to Miami. They beat the 'Canes in 2007 when Miami traveled to Norman (51-13).

Heck, the Sooner players weren't even alive when the Hurricanes and Sooners battled almost annually for the top spot in the college football polls (last in 1987, 14-20 Miami victory). The history is there for anyone who cares to go visit. The Sooner faithful know it. The Hurricane do too.

This season the landscape of college football is much different than it was back in 1987. Oklahoma is a power again and Miami is on their way back up. Teams that didn't even exist in '87 have cracked the Top 10 in recent years. South Florida? Teams that were annual losers have become respectable year in, year out. Rutgers? Utah? Now we're in 2009. The Sooners, led by Heisman Trophy winner, Sam Bradford, look to stay in the national title hunt as they travel to Miami to take on Jacory Harris and his fellow Young 'Canes.

The game started out slow, with each team notching a FG in Quarter One.

The second quarter saw Miami jump out to a 10-3 lead when Jacory Harris hit L. Byrd for a 17 yard touchdown pass. The Sooners followed up with a 9 yard touchdown pass to running back DeMarco Murray from Sam Bradford. They ended the half with another Jimmy Stevens field goal (26 yards).

Big catch and run by J. Gresham (TE)

Quarter Three saw each team notch one touchdown each. It was a sloppy game all the way through. The 'Canes had 4 INT's in the night while the Sooners had two. Several of the INT's for both teams came off off bad throws that came while the QB's were rushed, hit or had a man in their face. At the end of three, the Sooners led 20-17.

Touchdown run by RB C. Brown

The fourth quarter saw the Sooner defense step up and shut down the 'Canes while adding two more field goals to make the final score 26-17.

The Sooners got big plays out senior tight end, Jermaine Gresham (5 catches, 137 yards, 27.4 ypc).

OU Bradford 16-23-238-1TD-2 INT-153.4 Rating
UM Harris 9-21-152-1-4-81.2

OU Murray 19-93-4.8-0 TD-Long 21
OU Brown 8-32-4.0-1 TD-Long 11
UM Cooper 9-22-2.4-0-Long 17
UM Harris 3-1-0.3-0-Long 5

OU Gresham 5-137-27.4-0 TD-Long 66
OU Murray 4-28-7.0-1 TD-Long 19
UM Byrd 5-72-14.4-1-Long 28
UM Epps 2-31-15.5-0-Long 25

OU Proctor (FS) 5 TKL, 1 TFL, 1 INT
OU English (DE) 4 TKL, 1 TFL, 1 Sack
OU Clayton (LB) 4 TKL, 1 INT, 2 DEFL
UM Hill 12 TKL
UM Van Dyke 9 TKL
UM Sharpton 8 TKL, 1 TFL, 1 INT
UM Robinson 6 TKL, 2 TFL, 1 Sack,

OU Stevens 4-4 FG (Long 51)
UMBosher 1-1 (Long 26)

Players of the Game:
OU Jimmy Stevens (K) 4-4 FG
UM Sharpton 8 TKL, 1 TFL

The win moves Oklahoma to 3-1 and moves Miami to 2-2. OU faces Baylor next week at 8pm.

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