Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bears Sent to Hibernate, 31-14

Berkley, CA--The ninth-ranked Cal Bears came into today's early season brawl against the seventeenth ranked Sooners knowing this was their chance to show the country they were for real. The Bears have been the "little sister" to the Trojans of USC and the Bruins of UCLA for a lifetime and feel that now is their time to take over the top of the Pac-10.The game started out with Oklahoma receiving the ball. Prior to the game and prior to this season, the Oklahoma coaches talked a lot about running the ball more, being more balanced, using the talent they had on the team, fitting the offense to the talent on the team, and things like that. The bottom line sounded as if this OU team would not be airing it out as much as they did in 2010. Last week's was an indicator of this but today's game really let it sink in. Oklahoma is going to run the dang ball!The first score of the game came from Jermie Calhoun's 3 yard push to put OU up 7-0 (see above). OU found themselves up 14-0 only nine seconds later after a fumble on the kick off but it was reviewed and overturned. Cal would go on to score on an 18 yard TD run from senior running back, S. Vereen.This would not be the last time Vereen was heard from. He scored again at the 3:54 mark of the second quarter after Jermie Calhoun had just scored at the 6:12 mark for the Sooners. Vereen was hard to stop. In fact, he had over 100 yards in the first half alone. The only thing that stopped him was his dislocated ankle he suffered very early in the third quarter. At the half, it's a time game, 14-14.

The second half began and OU started to assert their dominance. A 47-yard TD run by back-up RB Jonathan Miller (see video, above) put the Sooners up 21-14. The Sooners were running the ball to either side and chose when and where they'd run the ball. The rest of the game was all OU. They went on to score another 10 points (Way-23 yard FG, R. Charles-1 yard TD run) and won 31-14.
The Players of the Game were: Jermie Calhoun for Oklahoma (21 rushes, 103 yards, 2 TD) while Shane Vereen took the honor for Cal (17 rushes, 124 yards, 1 TD).Game Notes: OU led in total offense (425-213). OU ran the ball 49 times for 249 yards to Cal's 133. Each team had two turnovers (OU-2 fumbles, Cal-2 INT's). OU dominated the T.O.P. (18:50 to 9:17). Cal only passed for 80 yards. OU had three backs get at least 10 rushes (Calhoun, 21-103; Charles, 12-67; Miller, 11-88).

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