Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bradford a Heisman Finalist

New York City, NY--In today's Heisman Trophy ceremony here in New York City, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford was a surprise attendee. Most of you are thinking it should not be shocking to see him there since he is a past winner (2008) so he must have been there to be a part of the crowd, right? Wrong. Bradford was invited as one of the possible winners of the trophy. Bradford put up huge passing numbers this season but the concensus was that the three losses OU suffered prior to the Big XII Championship had knocked him out of contention for the prestigious trophy. In the end, it probably was, as Bradford came in 5th place behind winner Josh Nesbitt (QB, Georgia Tech) and runner-ups Andy Dalton (QB, TCU), John Brantley (QB, Florida) and Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame). Bradford was quoted as saying how it was an honor just to be invited back as a player one last time and how he'll always cherish his trophy and how he looks forward to coming back most years to participate in activities and of course to vote for who he thinks is the best college football player in the country.

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